Welcome to my world of color and imagination!

Weaving the story of who I am is a challenge to say the least.

A complex life's journey to here. I will do my best to give you an informative overview.

I am a mountain top empty-nester, mother of two. I operate a small organic farm, raise chickens and ducks, and bake really good pie.

My Mother was an avid seamstress, writer, crafter, and painter. My father an English professor who exposed me to much literary and dramatic art. My grandparents farmed in the Midwest, taught me about the art of food preservation, cooking, baking, animal husbandry, and a love for the land and nature. Grandmother was a painter and Grandpa a wonderful carpenter and did beautiful woodwork turnings in his later years. Many of their grandchildren pursue artistic challenges.

So, I have had an organic exposure to the world of creativity my whole life. As an adult I have travelled through much of Europe with my Father investigating art and architecture, learning some history and viewing first hand the incredible world of art that exists there. Deeply inspired by the skills and pictorial history.

I love to craft! Some things are just fun and useful and aide in teaching me steps to higher art. It is a fun way to expend my creative energies and inspires new ideas. I have not had a 'formal' art education and much of the work I do or have done has taught me skills needed for the next level in implementing my ideas.

I suppose like most artists my desire is to bring you something uniquely me. So in that endeavor a little about my sculptures.

I enjoy working with small projects. I like to sculpt. It is hard to explain the satisfaction that comes from 'finding' the shape, face, character, or feature that you are looking for and watch it come alive and recognizable in the formless lump you begin with. I switch back and forth between painting and sculpting in the process of learning how to achieve what I am looking for. I have developed what I call an 'applied plaster relief layering method'. I construct the base forms from a wide variety of materials, 'creating unique eggshell sculpture being my favorite'! I mix my own plain plaster and block in my designs. When pieces have cured I begin the carve back process. Pieces are sculpted, cured, hardened, hand painted, and then sealed with hard finishes. It can be quite a laborious and lengthy process. But to be perfectly honest, I am delighted in the progress of the 'art' and find I'm surprising myself with the end results. Each piece is made individually so you can be assured you are getting something really special.

Eggshells, gourds, and other raw organic material are grown here on our farm.
My method enables me to create one-of-a-kind sculptures with unique, interesting, and sustainable materials.

My little farm is the central part of my creative adventure so you will find little things to craft with in the shop from there as well as some fun and beautiful vintage collectibles.

The graduated eggshell picture at the top uniquely depicts the stages of growth for me as a person and in my artistic endeavors. Now I will try and emerge from my shell.

I hope you enjoyed your browse through the shop. I appreciate your stopping in!

Celia Allman
Painter, Sculptor, Designer, a Jacqueline of many trades, and the chief cook and bottle washer at this Popsicle stand!

♥Dream a little dream, and then do it♥

Visit again soon!

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